World Congress Thoracic Imaging June 18-21, 2017, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts June 18-21, 2017, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts

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14:30-15:30 CONCURRENT SCIENTIFIC SESSION 10: Duel Energy CT / Vascular
Ballroom A, 3rd Floor
Moderators: Seth Kligerman, MD
Galit Aviram, MD
14:30 SS 10-1. Pulmonary Venous Anomalies as a Cause of Misdiagnosis of Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformations
Cheng Ting Lin, Stefan L. Zimmerman, Sally E. Mitchell, Elliot K. Fishman
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA
14:40 SS 10-2. Influence of Comparison of Emphysema and Airwaymeasurement with Virtual Monoenergetic Dual-Energy CT: a Phantom Study
Ki Y. Lee, J. Choo, J. Cha, E. Kang, Y. Y. Oh, C. Y. Ko
Korean University Ansan Hospital, Ansan, Korea, Republic of
14:50 SS 10-3. Virtual Monoenergetic Images and Iodine Perfusion Maps Improve Diagnostic Accuracy of Dual-energy Pulmonary CT Angiography with Low Attenuation
Moritz H. Albrecht1, Julian L. Wichmann2, Thomas J Vogl2, Simon S. Martin2, Jan-Erik Scholtz2, Carlo N. De Cecco1, Taylor M. Duguay1, John W. Nance Jr.1, U. Joseph Schoepf1, Doris Leithner2
1Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA, 2University Hospital Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany
15:00 SS 10-4. Association of Coronary Artery Calcifications and Adverse Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Acute Pulmonary Embolism
Benedikt H. Heidinger1, Dominique C. Dabreo1, Brett J. Carroll2, Stephanie A. Feldman2, Donya Mohebali2, Ian McCormick2, Jason D. Matos2, Warren J. Manning3, Diana Litmanovich1
1Radiology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA, 2Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA, 3Medicine and Radiology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
15:10 SS 10-5. Optimal Image Quality on Dual-Energy CTPA Virtual Monoenergetic Images: Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment
Bari Dane, Jane Ko, Hersh Patel, Thomas O'Donnell, Francis Girvin, Geraldine Brusca-Augello, Jeffrey Alpert, Bowen Niu, Mariam Attia, James Babb
NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY, USA
15:20 SS 10-6. Spectral CT Virtual Mono-Energetic Images of the Lung and Mediastinum: Do They Provide Additional Information to Conventional CT?
Dorith Shaham, Karney Lahad, Zimam Romman, Isaac Leichter, Nahum Goldberg, Jacob Sosna
Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel
14:30-15:30 CONCURRENT SCIENTIFIC SESSION 11: Lung Cancer Screening 2
Ballroom BC, 3rd Floor
Moderators: Kathleen Brown, MD
Charles White, MD
14:30 SS 11-1. Extracting More Information From Low Dose CT (LDCT) Lung Cancer Screening: Can Estimations of Coronary Artery Calcification, Emphysema, Muscle Mass, and Fat Density Predict Lung Cancer Specific Survival?
Ruben De Man1, Subba Digumarthy1, Rodrigo Canellas1, Alexi Otrakji1, Ge Wang2, Mannudeep Kalra1
1Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA, 2Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA
14:40 SS 11-2. Visual Scoring of Coronary Artery Calcium on Non-ECG Gated CT Thorax: How Reliable is it? A Comparison with Standard Agstation Score
Christine Lo, Michelle Cheung, Lorraine Sinn, Sonia Lam
Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
14:50 SS 11-3. Lung Cancer Screening CT: Correlation between Qualitative Visual Coronary Artery Calcium Score and Pack-Years of Tobacco Abuse
Avinash Pillutla, Fareed Riyaz, Mark Parker, Meagan Sok, Mark Edelstein, Taylor Powell
Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, Richmond, VA
15:00 SS 11-4. Implementation of Lung Rads in a Community Private Radiology Practice. Does Community Population Reflect National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) Data?
Tisha M. Singer, Terrance Healey, Thomas Egglin, Saurabh Agarwal
Brown University, Providence, RI, USA
15:10 SS 11-5. Low-dose CT Screening for Lung Cancer: A 2016 Survey of Current Trends
Jacob W. Sechrist1, Phillip M. Boiselle2, Caroline Chiles3, James G. Ravenel4, Charles S. White1
1University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD, USA, 2Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA, USA, 3Wake Forest, Winston-Salem, NC, USA, 4Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA
15:20 SS 11-6. Prospective Evaluation of Ultra-low Dose Computed Tomography Using 100kV with Tin Filter: Extent of Dose Reduction and Utility of CAD
Chi Wan Koo1, Edwin A Takahashi1, David L Levin1, Ronald S Kuzo1, Anne-Marie G. Sykes1, Darin B. White1, Rebecca M. Lindell1, Luca Bogoni2, Cynthia H. McCollough1, Joel G. Fletcher1
1Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA, 2Siemens Medical Solutions, Malvern, PA, USA
14:30-15:30 CONCURRENT SCIENTIFIC SESSION 12: Thoracic Malignancy 2
Rooms 302 & 304, 3rd Floor
Moderators: Christopher Meyer, MD
Jae Woo Song, MD
14:30 SS 12-1. Beyond Mean HU: Application of CT Textural Analysis for Differentiating Solid from Cystic Thymic Lesions
Shaunagh McDermott, Florian Fintelmann, Rodrigo Canellas de Souza, Aoife Kilcoyne, Jo-Anne Shepard, Mannudeep Kalra
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA
14:40 SS 12-2. Low Pectoralis Muscle Mass is a Good Prognostic Factor in Patients with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
Mi Jung Park Gyeongsang
National University Hospital, Jinju, Republic of Korea
14:50 SS 12-3. Accuracy of Clinical Staging for Small-sized Lung Cancer by Multi-detector Row CT and PET/CT
Hiroyasu Umakoshi, Shingo Iwano, Kohei Yokoi, Takauki Fukui, Koji Kawaguchi, Rintaro Ito, Hironori Shimamoto, Shinji Naganawa
Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya, Japan
15:00 SS 12-4. Immune-related Response Assessment During PD-1 Inhibitor Therapy in Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Patients
Mizuki Nishino, Nikhil H. Ramaiya, Emily S. Chambers, Anika E. Adeni, Hiroto Hatabu, Pasi A. Jšnne, F. Stephen Hodi, Mark M. Awad
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, USA
15:10 SS 12-5. Early Imaging Features of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Can Predict Treatment Response in Anti-PD1 Immunotherapy
Kathleen Ruchalski1, Grace Kim1, Antonio Gutierrez1, Andrew Tucker2, Leila Mostafavi1, Jonathan Goldman2, Edward Garon2, Denise R. Aberle1
1UCLA Department of Radiology, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2UCLA Department of Medicine, Hematology and Oncology, Los Angeles, CA, USA
15:20 SS 12-6. Comparison Between CT-based and PERCIST Criteria for Evaluation of Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): Is There a Role For 18F-FDG PET/CT?
Ilaria Pulzato1, Matteo Bauckneht2, Carlo Genova3, Giovanni Rossi4, Giuseppe Cittadini1, Francesco Grossi4, Simone Mennella5, Domenico F Merlo6, Gianmario Sambuceti7, Silvia D Morbelli8
1Radiology Department IRCCS San Martino IST- University of Genova, Genova, Italy, 2Nuclear Medicine Unit, IRCCS San Martino IST- University of Genova, Genova, Italy, 3Lung Cancer UNIT, IRCCS San Martino IST, GENOVA, Italy, 4Lung Cancer Unit IRCCS San Martino IST, Genova, Italy, 5Radiologgy Department IRCCS San Martino IST-University of Genoa, Genova, Italy, 6Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Clinicl Trials Division IRCCS San Martino IST, GENOVA, Italy, 7Nucelar Medicine Unit IRCCS San Martino IST- University of Genova, Genova, Italy, 8Nuclear Medicine Unit IRCCS San Martino IST- University of Genova, Genova, Italy
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